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About Us - MACCenter

  • Who We Are

    The MACCenter is a community-oriented non-profit organization that is proud to serve the Manson area. Opening its doors in January of 2013 the MACCenter has proven to be the perfect solution to rehabilitate a portion of the vacated elementary school and “create” a much needed community health and fitness center.

    Within two short months the MACCenter became the hub of the community boasting over 200 active memberships. The MACC Board and Staff look forward to providing adults, youths and families with a welcoming place to enhance their recreation, personal well-being and fitness activities.


    Our Mission

    "Make an impact on the community of Manson and surrounding areas by; promoting personal growth, enhancing family values, and providing community service through programs available to all."


    MACCenter Board Members

    The MACCenter Board consists of seven board members: two council representatives, two school board representatives, and three community members.

    Tim Johnson, President - Community Representative
    Steve Smothers, Vice President - City Representative
    Mark Egli, Secretary/Treasurer - City Representative
    Brandon Bush - Community Representative
    Andrea Oswald - Community Representative
    Dusty Meyn - School Representative
    Patrick Fitzgerald - School Representative


    MACCenter Director

    Dr. Josh Sturgis
    A 1998 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Bloomington, MN. Sturgis chiropractic office is conveniently located at the MACCenter allowing him to serve in his dual role as MACC Director. Josh has extensive training in the health and exercise field. He continues to advance his expertise as he completes his sports and exercise nutrition certification, personal training and FMS (functional movement screen) certification. Sturgis' training allows him to work with beginning to advance fitness levels; whether working through an injury to begin a fitness routine, or creating a individual workout program to advance a member to their next fitness level.

    Membership Policy

    View Membership Policy (pdf file)


    MACC Multi-Purpose Room Rental Policy and Rental Agreement

    View Multi-Purpose Room Rental Agreement (pdf file)


    Entry Hours

    The MACCenter keyless entry is programmed to allow members entry from 4:00 am – 11:00 pm, 7 days a week. Members can request entry between 11 pm - 4 am by contacting the MACC Director.


    Membership Rates

    Family: $37.00 (Monthly AFT), $444.00 (Annual), $399.60 (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit Card)
    Seniors 65+: $15.00 (Monthly AFT), $180.00 (Annual), $162.00 (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit Card)
    Adult 19 - 65: $28.00 (Monthly AFT), $336.00 (Annual), $302.40 (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit Card)
    College 18-24: $15.00 (Monthly AFT), $180.00 (Annual), $162.00 (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit Card)
    Youth to age 18: $12.00 (Monthly AFT), $144.00 (Annual), $129.60 (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit Card)
    Walking: (Open gym only, one-time payment) - $50.00
    Supporting (Individual and Business): $25.00 and up
    Day Pass Youth (Open gym only): $5.00
    Day Pass Adult (Open gym only): $8.00
    Day Pass Family (Open gym only): $10.00


    Payment Options

    Day Passes purchased over a 30 day period can be applied to a yearly membership.

    Cash or check in full - *Yearly memberships paid in full receive a 10% discount. (Discount does not apply to walking membership.)

    MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card - *Yearly memberships paid in full with a credit card receive a 5% discount.